Did you know that 1 out of 3 people has gut issues? I have specialised myself in gut health..

 Signs that you might have some issues with your gut health might be rashes,balloon stommache, tiredness, diarrhea/constipation, foodintolerances, allergies, autoimmune diseases, dark and depressed feeling and much more. 

We have a communication system between gut, heart and brain through the enteric nervous system. 90% of the communication comes from the gut up to the brain, that´s why sometimes we talk about the gut as our "second brain". This is one of the reasons that i look at much more than just your intake of nutrition.   

One little fault in your digestive system can cause a chain reaction of many discomforts. I will guide you back to your health. 

For me it is important that we adjust the changes in a way that will fit your lifestyle. 

Jag är behandlingsskade- och ansvarsförsäkrad, vilket innebär att du som kund omfattas av komplementärmedicinska riksförbundet patientförsäkring.

I am treatment and responsebilty ensured, which means that you as a customer fall under "komplementärmedicinska riksförbundet" Patient insurance

You are welcome to contact me, without obligation, to see if we can find a way to your health. You can also book your consult below. I will contact you when you have booked your preferred time.

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