What is Kombucha? 

Kombucha is a healthy, refreshing and tasty fermented probiotic beverage: Kombucha is made from tea, a kombucha Scoby culture and cane sugar (and added flavour if wished) Kombucha is extremely healthy and the kombucha gets its characteristics from a symbios of yeast and a micro bacterial culture. This culture produces enzymes, organic acids, vitamins & antioxidants. 

The Kombucha flavour has a fresh tangy taste and is not as sweet as it´s fellow sodas. 

Kombucha contains low sugar if you compare to other sodas and fruit drinks. In fact, it is suitable for Diabetics. 

My flavors are Spicy Ginger/lemon and natural taste. 

Price 1 bottle 35kr, 10 flaskor 300kr + 1 free. 

You can pick up your Kombucha in my studio (call first) or you can find me at REKO-Ring Torsås , markets & Events. 

Sometimes I organise a " make your own Kombucha"  workshop. If you are interested you are welcome to check out the page events & News